On the Road – Downsizing in Style!

Downtown CondoOnly a couple of years after we bought our garden home (which we downsized to from a 4,000 sq. ft. house), we are moving again.

My husband went to work for a great company in downtown Austin. He loves what he is doing, loves the company and the people and HATES the commute.

He spends anywhere from one to two hours on the road each day and in his words, “It is too much time away from you.” Hard to argue with that logic, so we have been toying with the idea of moving downtown for a few months.

One day, we saw an interesting listing at a beautiful condominium tower that is around the corner from his office. Seriously, he can walk out the door to his building and around a corner to the condo entrance.

We decided to take a look.

Unfortunately, this particular unit, although spacious enough and decorated beautifully, made no sense when it came to the layout.  It turned out it was two units the owners had bought and merged. As you walked through the master bedroom, past the wall of windows with a great view, an alcohol burning fireplace, a built in lounging area and a small, but nicely appointed office space…you found an ugly, white washer tub and a refrigerator. It was surreal. We said no.

Then we looked on the condo web site and saw that they had two other units for sale a bit higher in the point tower with enough square footage for us. We called the agent, and unfortunately they had both gone under contract!

CondoHowever, she had just heard that one of the original owners was considering selling and she asked if we would be interested in viewing a unit that hadn’t been listed yet. Sure!

It was immaculate and truly stunning. Smaller than where we are, but well-organized and laid out and high enough that you could see forever with views from every room except the bathrooms. We thought, what the heck, we will make an offer and see if they were serious about selling.

They were, and in a space of a few days we went from thinking that we would be in our little garden home for a long while, to making arrangements to put it on the market and buy the condo.

We will close the beginning of August and move in early September and it has been a whirlwind already…appraisers, inspections, legal documents, measurements and more. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the list of little repairs that we will probably need to do.

Here is the truth.  Your home never, ever looks as good as it does when you are selling it.

And so, off we go!  On the road, on the adventure, into the future…and beyond!

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