2016 Election – What Do I Tell the Kids?

Election 2016Many people will be blogging about this, and they will come from many different perspectives. Everything from bullying, to racism, to sexism will be pulled out, examined ad infinitum, and tossed back into the whirling chum that is our media coverage. People will display an array of emotions, and some people who would have hesitated to air negative and acrimonious feelings and opinions in the past may feel this is the time to let it all out.

Just for a moment, take a breath with me and think about the children. 

Regardless of your views, emotions, and the diatribes you may have unwittingly exposed them to as this contentious election season seemed to hang on forever, you love them and want them to feel safe.


I will proceed here with the assumption that we all want our kids to feel safe, secure, and loved.

Frankly, you wouldn’t waste a moment reading this if you didn’t.

We must be clear, concise and careful with the opinions we share with our children at this point. We must make it clear that regardless of our personal feelings or thoughts, we have chosen to live in a country and a society that is governed by laws and that one of the covenants we make as citizens is to support our elected leaders, regardless of whether we personally voted for them or not.

We have chosen to be governed by the will of the people, and whether you agree with the electoral college system or any other technical issues connected with the election, we must pull together and work with the person who has been elected under the laws of our country. Whether you win or you lose, that is the deal in America, and by teaching them this valuable lesson about graciousness in both winning and losing, you will respect the future voters they will become.

It may be very difficult for you to balance your personal feelings, whether positive or negative, with the need to protect your children and make them feel safe, but trust me when I say the latter outweighs the former. Their feelings of safety and security and concern for you can affect them negatively, and for years to come, if you do not make them the priority.

They are watching, so show them grace, an open heart and mind, and willingness to accept the will of the people, whatever it may be… because that is what you agreed to do whether you were born here or chose this country as your home.


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