Writing in Times of Darkness

Angry WomanIf you have ever had a blog or published writing of any kind, you know what I mean by “writing in times of darkness.”

Expressing yourself when you are in pain, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental is difficult. You want to share your viewpoint and feelings but may want to reconsider a rant, raging, or creating a message that is as dark or depressed as you may feel at the time.

Time is fluid, my friends and your angry or hateful words can come back to haunt you later when times are better and you no longer feel that way. This is why diaries are a better place to store those rage-filled rants, comments that aren’t completely logical or factual, and negative or even violent fantasies you may have. Diaries are rarely forever unless you are a famous person whose writings get collected. I don’t think I have to worry about that.

The Internet, however…now that is forever and everywhere. I can do a simple search and find a poem I wrote for something decades ago!

My message to you today is to guard yourself against going off on someone or something because you are currently in pain. Take a breath, a moment, a week, month, maybe even several months to consider what it is you would say if you were not angry or hurting.

Would it be different?

If the answer is yes, take that time for yourself and wait to express your truest and most understandable thoughts about the subject. Those of us in chronic pain, if we are wise, use this strategy on a regular basis.

Your children are watching and your readers, no matter how many or how few, deserve your best.

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