Birthday Celebration With a Mission

DSC_9386SmMy husband turned 60 today. He woke at 5 a.m., slipped out of bed without waking me and dressed for his run. Every other day he hits the trail for varying mileage, depending on whether he is training for a half-marathon ( I believe he has done 14…so far!) or just doing his usual workout routine.

We are blessed to reach this time in our lives without serious health issues, and both of us invest time and resources in maintaining our functional fitness. We don’t take these or any of our blessings for granted, and so when my husband realized this milestone birthday was approaching, he said,

“I am thinking about throwing a party.”

“What?” I said, utterly surprised that my fairly introverted mate would choose this extremely extroverted way to celebrate.

“Well,” he said, “I think it would be fun if we could figure out how not to make it about me. I wish we could get our nonprofits involved.”

“Why can’t we,” I responded, “Why not give to the charities instead of presents?”

Dan's 6x10 logo 1And so, “Dan’s 6 x 10 Birthday Bash” was born, and on the 1st of September, about 200 of our friends and families gathered to eat, drink, dance, and give gifts to six charities we chose. The charities’ representatives attended and enjoyed the exposure and donations, and everyone had a fabulous time!

So, is throwing a big party for everyone?

Probably not, but you may decide to make your presents do more for others than they could ever do for you.

Keep thinking outside the box, trying new things, keeping your body and mind active, and see if age doesn’t become just another number and not something that keeps you from doing things you want to do.

Happy Birthday, Dan. We enjoyed it with you!





2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration With a Mission

  1. The whole thing was wonderfully done! Great Band , wonderful food and great Venue. Everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday , Dan!


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