Making Moments Memorable

The Power of MomentsManagement Parallel: How do you make employees and co-workers feel truly valued? Is a small bonus or a certificate really going to do the trick?

My husband, a customer service expert, is adept at finding great sources of information that make very complex subjects more understandable. He recently shared “The Power of Moments” by Chip & Dan Heath, and I was struck not only by its applicability to a current nonprofit project I am working on but how it validated “Rites of Passage for Your Children.”

Making moments memorable happens here and there in corporate America and of course, holidays and ceremonies of different types may also fit into this category, but overall we miss many opportunities to make memorable moments or rites of passage. I believe this is to our detriment, both personally and professionally.

“The Power of Moments” makes it clear how making moments more memorable applies to education. The authors point out somewhat poignantly that although parents and other role models often attend sporting events and performances by the students in their lives, there are few similar experiences in academics. Even UIL academic competitions, which many Texas children participate in, are smaller and less attended than their sports and arts counterparts. Academics are often a flat emotional experience with an occasional test or project to break the monotony. When you think back on your school days, what stands out?

There is only one experience not related to my years in choir and theatre that stands out for me, and I have to reach all the way back to 6th grade at Blaine Elementary School with Mr. Garrison to find it. He redesigned the actual structure of the class and gave us the best experience working in teams that I ever had. He also took the time to submit one of my early poems to a literary journal, giving me the belief that I was a writer and the gift of confidence in that skill that I was learning. Over 50 years later, these are still powerful moments for me.

Making moments more memorable has amazingly practical applications in your parenting. Think about the stages your children are going through, and other than birthdays, what are you doing to elevate these passages and changes? This book will give you some ideas, and you can also think about how you might have appreciated memorable moments during your youth and adolescence. Get creative, and have fun with it!

Who knows, you may be making a memory your kids will be writing about 50 years from now. Wouldn’t that be cool?




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