The “Year of YES!”

Woman Says Yes

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I recently wrote a piece for a women’s collective giving circle blog. It was an interview with one of its many interesting and philanthropic women. You can see it at Impact Austin if you are curious. There was something she said that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go. She said that she had decided this past year was the “Year of YES!”

In her case, what she had decided to say yes to was travel. If an opportunity came her way, she took it and found herself with family and friends in places all over the world, having a blast!

What would your “Year of YES!” focus on? We all know we can’t possibly say yes to everything, but what if we decided for a year, or even just a month, to say yes to a certain neglected interest area in our lives?

I think our world might change.

You have to think this through because the realities of finances, responsibilities, health or physical limitations are fairly inflexible parameters. But…many things you may have avoided saying yes to are absolutely free! Yes to that invitation to coffee or lunch with a new contact who may become a friend. Yes to that walk around the neighborhood with someone you don’t know well. Yes to that invitation to a gathering or even a one on one conversation with our more introverted friends. Yes to an opportunity to learn something new. Yes to a chance to exercise your talents. Yes to anything you can think of that might enrich your life!

Make it a pilot.

I have talked about “Parenting Pilots” with you before, and here is that concept again in a different form! Pick an area, set a finite time for the pilot, and then dive in. You can make it as long or short a period of time as you like! I look forward to hearing what you might choose and what rewards or lessons might be gained.

My husband asked me recently what I would like to do for my upcoming sixtieth birthday (He had a blow out party for charity last September for his!) but my birthday is near Christmas when something similar would not be well attended so something else is in order. I thought about it, and I have decided to make my “Year of YES!” about our daughters.

Whenever possible, I will say yes to anything that allows me to spend time with them. They are the most precious people in my life and now that they are starting their own families (Awesome husbands and puppies, so far!), it isn’t as easy to spend long periods of time with them. So, we will go for shorter time, but make it memorable! I will let you know how it goes.

What will be your “Year of YES?” Come on in, the water’s fine!




2 thoughts on “The “Year of YES!”

  1. Great idea, especially for people who habitually say no. A friend is doing something similar: for thir fiftieth wedding anniversary they will say yes to temptations that cost money. This partly because her husband is famously frugal. So far, a trip to Great Barrier Island, a movie here, a new shirt there, a coffee, a meal out…. I think he’s getting the hang of it!

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