Avoiding Destructive Creativity

I had the privilege of speaking to a group of young professional women and their mentors recently. I have been mentoring with the Young Women’s Alliance YWA Connect Program for a few years now, and I addressed mentoring through emotions and pointed out some concepts from Social and Emotional Learning (Taught in our local Austin ISD classrooms!) that can be used when dealing with strong emotions in the workplace.

In addition to these “tips from the playground,” I shared some wisdom that was both personal and hard-won.

I asked the room full of women if they considered themselves to be creative. The nods and smiles indicated to me that most of them did.

I said, “Creative people need an outlet in their lives. Whether it is creating, performing, or appreciating, the creative person who does not allow time and energy to practice, produce and perform their talents will see that need for expression come out through their relationships with other people. It may be constructive, but more often, when the drama in your soul is not being let out in positive ways, it manifests itself in negative ways.”

I will never know how many of my audience took this to heart and whether it will be on their minds until they see how it might affect them.

Have you ever had a craving to bring some drama into your life? Maybe you have picked a fight…maybe you have shunned someone as part of a group or as an individual…maybe you have found yourself nagging and nitpicking your closest friend or your partner…the list is endless when it comes to creating drama. What can you do about this urge that may have grown slowly over time and seems so irresistible or inevitable?

Take a beat. Think about it and dig down into where that urge is originating.

Many times, just as a glass of water will quench that thirst that you perceive as hunger, examining a creatively destructive behavior will lead you to a solution.

I have been personally impacted by my need to create and a dramatic nature all of my life. I was incredibly lucky to begin professional singing when I was young and I have kept it going ever since. Burning Mouth Syndrome put me on pause for a while, but soon the need to express myself in that fundamental way overcame the pain and I am still working to bring my voice back to its full power. I discovered a wonderful app called Smule and started a library of songs that I periodically update as my voice becomes stronger. Check it out if you are a singer looking for a great way to get a mini-sound studio out of your phone!

Writing is another way I release my creativity constructively and the Story Circle Network has been an amazing resource that offers me a writing outlet, support from lovely women writers all over the world, and opportunities to improve my writing. Check it out if writing is your creativity!

Are you someone who loves dancing, acting, painting, designing, crafts, photography, drawing, sculpting, or something else? It doesn’t have to be great and you do not have to be a professional for it to enhance your life! Remember, your creativity will find a way out and only you can decide whether your expression will be helpful or hurtful. Let me know if you have found apps or online tools that have opened your creative world.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your relationships.


One thought on “Avoiding Destructive Creativity

  1. I really enjoyed this, as I really hear what you are saying! I know creating in different ways is vital for me! Thank you!!


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