Outrage Exhaustion

Are you feeling a bit powerless right now?

I am.

Every day I read and see things that make me angry, afraid, and anxious and it seems like there are no calm voices of reason speaking in the cacophony that has become our public discourse.

I am not a person who enjoys conflict and arguing for argument’s sake. I am usually extroverted, but when faced with issues that have more than one perspective (Know of any that don’t?), I have taught myself to think and research about it before making my views known. I can often see both sides of disagreements and want desperately for people to think before they speak, react, and worst of all, attack.

I feel weary of the posturing and uncivil behavior and language we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Are you feeling the same?

What do you do when your adrenaline has faded away and there are just too many outrageous things happening at once to react to all of them? Really, I want to know.

The only strategy I can think of right now is to focus on a limited number of things that I can actually affect. Here are a few that have come to mind.

  • Support people running for office that you think will do a good job and who are able to have a reasonable conversation. I am not here to tell you who to support, of course, but they all need donors, volunteers, and assorted other services – check their websites and see if there are needs that interest you!
  • Inform yourself from sources besides social media. ProPublica, Politifact, NPR, and other investigative news outlets are good places to start, but be alert to bias wherever you go.
  • Consider volunteering with a cause you support and believe in. You will feel better and so will the people you are helping.
  • Try to move out of your comfort zone and have a conversation with someone who may see things quite differently than you do. Listen more than you talk and your eyes may be opened to perspectives you have not considered because they aren’t part of your life.
  • Educate yourself about the issues in your area at least and most importantly…


See you at the polls.


4 thoughts on “Outrage Exhaustion

  1. Hi Kali – Last week I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t sleep. Can’t remember frustration aka outrage exhaustion keeping me from sleeping before like that. For me, much of it is political and things I cannot change, but when that combines with frustration about things I do think I can change but that are not changing, I just feel restless. This week I will start one of Deepak & Oprah’s guided meditations, which I hope get me back centered. America looks more and more like a kingdom to me everyday, though, and that is just plain frustrating in the midst of Me Too.


    • Stephanie,
      I hear you. Meditation/prayer, massage, and volunteering to make positive change are three things that help me pull out of the vortex of frustration and feelings of helplessness. Helping others makes me feel better and a bit more in control. Good luck to you, and I hope that you feel better soon!

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