In the Meanwhile – Life in the Time of Covid19

Cedar Door Restaurant Mural

Cedar Door Restaurant Mural, Downtown Austin, TX

I have no huge or dramatic Covid story to tell. At least, not yet. My experience has been a fairly placid one, filled with privilege (A place to live, my husband is still employed and working remotely, my children are healthy, also employed, and sheltering in place with their families and pups.), and with blessings both big and small. As they say, “Nothing to see here, move along.”


A preacher once said, “In the Bible, God is always working in the ‘meanwhile’,” and although I thought I understood what he was saying at the time, I think I understand it better now.

In the meanwhile, my husband and I have discovered deeper ways in which we are compatible and we have improved our communication.

In the meanwhile, weekly Zoom conferences with my mother and with our daughters and their families have provided love and laughter across the distance between us.

In the meanwhile, I have been able to participate in funding grants to our hard-hit local nonprofits, through distance meeting technology that was only used if “you really had to” just a short time ago.

In the meanwhile, my active husband has kept up his running regimen and I have added long walks through our urban landscape to mine.

It is these walks that have given me my Covid story so far. In them, I have discovered the downtown I have lived in for years in a town I have lived in for most of my life now. To be fair, it has changed greatly over the years, and even in the ’80s when I worked downtown, it was not really a place you wanted to stay in at night unless you were clubbing on 6th. It has changed dramatically, and although there is mourning for some landmarks that are no longer there, I think that those of us living downtown now would not have considered it back in the heyday of Armadillo Headquarters, Liberty Lunch, and more.

Waterloo Park Art Mural

Waterloo Park Art Mural, Downtown Austin, TX

I have discovered art that I never saw before, or to be more precise, never noticed before in my haste to get from point A to point B in traffic, heat, and so many people, scooters, and bikes. Some of it is new; murals on walls previously used for other things, street art installations, creative signs from businesses and restaurants that have closed for now. Much of it is older and has been there to enjoy; mosaics in concrete, huge art installations around public buildings or in parks I rarely if ever visit, and small spots of beauty and pathways that are there for the inquisitive and adventurous.

In the meanwhile…have you discovered new things, new places, new aspects of old relationships? God is working in the ‘meanwhile’, so keep your eyes and your heart open to the small paragraphs that are taking shape in your Covid story, even if the dramatic and life-changing events have blessed you by passing you by. Things change, my friends. It is one of the constants of life and perhaps one of the hardest to accommodate. Covid 19 has been a game-changer in many ways, and at this point in time, I think it is far from finished.

And the River Runs – Second Street, Downtown Austin, TX


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