Being The Adult

canstockphoto44198158LenaRoAdulting is one of my favorite “new” words. It seems to capture the essence of watching our grown children taking on the responsibilities that we used to take care of for them (so seemingly effortlessly). We see them discover that being an adult is hard, frustrating at times, and just when your kids think they have it covered, that inner teen can pop out to remind them that they aren’t there quite yet. Continue reading

When the Kids Go & Come Home from College

Chair Pair

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Your tiny little baby, sweet and challenging toddler and now perhaps not so sweet, but still challenging teen has finally gone off to college. 

You feel a mixture of relief, sadness, melancholy for passing years, and sweet freedom…all at the same time!

As we entered into the later high school years with our older daughter, I was warned by those who went before me that a strange and fascinating array of things might happen as she approached graduation and college. So, I guess I wasn’t as surprised as some when my formerly independence-seeking daughter suddenly did an about-face on us.

One day, after acting strangely distant for a while, she finally told us what was bothering her. “You aren’t checking on me at all,” she said, “The other kids have to tell their parents where they are going all the time, and I don’t. Don’t you care?”

We were simultaneously a little shocked at being accused of parental neglect and very amused that our senior was doing the accusing. “Babe,” we answered, “This is your fault.”

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