Dementia Decisions

NYT Article Image - Evan McGlinnMore of us are living longer, and sometimes our bodies are in better shape than our minds as we hit 80-90 years and beyond of age. I am seeing this dynamic in my mother-in-law, who is 92 and can still walk a mile and a half around a mall with few breaks, but who experiences memory gaps that frighten her and challenge that brilliant mind that conquered crosswords in pen and dominated all of us in Scrabble not so long ago.

Seeing her change and decline has been a life lesson to all of us that this may be our future as well, and we need to think now about how we want our lives to be then. Continue reading

Want to Think Young? Mentor!

canstockphoto28358255I am sure I echo many members of my generation who express the feeling, “I don’t feel as old as I am!” 

We look in the mirror and see the inevitable downward slide of gravity’s toll, the wrinkles or fine lines that our frolics in the sun have left us as souvenirs, and sometimes we see the fatigue that lingers in eyes that have seen pain, sadness, and struggle. But when we look away from that mirror and assess ourselves, we are often shocked by the mismatch between the image we have seen and the way we feel inside. I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying that immensely!

I have found the secret to the fountain of youth and it may be available to you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. It is thinking young. Continue reading

Aging and Adaptability

Older coupleIn life, as in business, adaptability is a key to success.

How many big changes have you gone through in your life?

Some may have been hoped-for changes that led you to a great place or great people and some may have been unexpected, sad, or even heartbreaking. Continue reading

Use It or Lose It

exercisesWhen you are a young parent, sometimes it is all you can do just to put one foot in front of the other through each incredibly challenging day.

I get that, I really do. I felt that way for the longest time, and then things changed, children grew, and it became clear to me that I had put my health and well-being on hold.

It wasn’t an irrevocable situation by any means, but I was going to have to make some concrete decisions and then find some way to stick with them if I wanted to make a change. Isn’t that how self-change always works? I mean, maybe it is easy for some people to keep healthy eating and exercise in the mix, but that certainly was not my experience! I needed help…someone to encourage me and hold me accountable and…hey, maybe a personal trainer! Yeah, that was the ticket!

I met my first trainer (yes, there have been many over the decades) through my daughter’s Tae Kwan Do instructor. Duc Dinh was a wonderful trainer and I learned an immense amount about proper form, what my body was truly capable of and the fact that I could actually be athletic. You see, I had never seen myself that way before. It was liberating and over time I found that I moved more easily and even differently as my posture and muscle support improved. I was hooked and have had personal trainers ever since. My current trainer is Hjalmar Perez, and I pay a per session fee in addition to a fairly low cost gym membership. (I don’t handle Texas heat well, so outside is not an option!)

But wait, you may say, “Isn’t that expensive? How could you afford to do that?”

Continue reading