Claus Creativity

I begin with the fact that I am a Christian, attend church, and yes, I know the reason for the season.

That said, my husband and I decided to make Santa Claus the spirit of generosity in our house and to make it FUN! As the girls grew old enough to appreciate it, there was always a special last present from “Santa Claus,” and it was often the most desired gift on their list.

But that was not the good part, believe it or not! 

Each year Santa was left a cookie or two, a glass of milk, and perhaps a little treat for his reindeer by our daughters. He always responded with bites and sips taken from all and with a lovely, handwritten thank you note to them.

The delight on their faces each Christmas morning as they discovered evidence of Santa’s visit will live in our hearts forever. One year there were ashy footprints from the fireplace to the dining room. Another year, reindeer prints and reindeer poop (oatmeal mixed with chocolate powder and glitter) joined the mix. (Note: Do NOT do this on the carpet!) Continue reading

Blarf and Christmas – Setting Your Family Traditions

Often in a merger, you have to make compromises. A well-managed company will assess the things that are a top priority and will not compromise on the things it thinks would cause it to lose value or ethical standards. A well-managed marriage is much the same and the holidays are no exception.

My husband and I came from different religious backgrounds. He was Catholic (Catholic schools, Notre Dame, etc.) and I had not been a regular church goer, but would claim Methodist as the church I was baptized in. I was willing to convert if it was truly important to him, but it turned out that the same issues I had issues with concerning the Catholic church were his as well, and he was willing to change. We compromised on Presbyterian.

On to holidays.

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