Compassionate Medicine

Andi Sloan

She is our hero!

I have written a little about Texas Advocacy Project’s Executive Director, Andrea Sloan, in a post called “One in Four.”  Today I will ask you to help me save her life.

There is so much I could tell you about Andi, about her joy for life, her deep faith and unending positive outlook, and her passion for helping the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Texas…but I will let reporter Shannon Wolfson do it better than I ever could. Shannon aired a wonderful piece on KXAN TV recently, and it is worth a few minutes of your time to learn about Andi.

Andi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over seven years ago, and has undergone every available treatment as it recurred over and over again. She is now out of options…except for one.

There is an experimental drug called BMN673 that has a 40% chance of saving Andi’s life since it targets her specific cancer but the maker, Biomarin Pharmaceuticals, refuses to release it to her for compassionate use.

They have their reasons, and I understand them, but I cannot stop asking. And neither can the thousands of people who have joined Andi’s Army and Andi’s Army Official on Facebook and the nearly 30,000 people (as of today) who have signed the petition for Andi at

Take a moment and join Andi’s Army. Sign the petition, tweet about @andi_sloan, reference #biomarin and include the term “single patient access” so they understand you are asking for a compassionate use for an individual who will simply die without it. Is it guaranteed to work?  Of course not, but it is the best chance Andi has.

Thank you.

Update: January 2014

The world is left with one less Super Girl, as Andrea passed away this month. The funeral is done and the memorial to her life is over, but her work goes on in the movement for reform of compassionate use of experimental drugs.

Interested in learning more and joining Andi’s Army? Click here.