Forgive and Forget?

Forgive and ForgetMy dear and talented friend, Pam Benson-Owens, wrote a post on Facebook today about authentic “okayness,” (Yes, she acknowledged that wasn’t a real word.) that had strong nuggets of wisdom in it and a useful list of things that are not okay.

The one that caught my attention, as is often the case when I know it applies to me, was this:

“Tell someone you’ve forgiven them but remind them that you won’t forget. (If that is the case, just go on and keep your forgiveness.)”

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Divorce and Absent Parents

Two Parents Fighting Over Child In Divorce ConceptNot everyone has these issues, but as a child of divorce and emotional abandonment, I have a few strategies to help bring your children through a divorce in a healthy way. 

Some of these strategies I learned from my mother, who actually did a wonderful job of avoiding saying negative things about my father. However, she was only able to do that by not saying much at all.  It was like he didn’t exist.  I shared my younger half-sister’s father for a few years and didn’t really know the difference until that marriage fell apart and it became clear to me that “He” was not really my father at all.  I was a little too young to ask many intelligent questions about my father, and a bit too involved in surviving the fallout for a few years.  When I was seven, my mother married again and I had another step-father to deal with.

As I mentioned before in this blog, my father was never part of my life and that was his choice.  I reached out to him after meeting him at age fifteen.

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