A Career Crisis for Our Kids

Vandy-Grad-2013Note: This post is mostly about children who plan to go to college…college is NOT the answer for all children, and we parents must be open to the different paths our children choose, even if they are not the ones that align with our dreams for them.

Preparation.  What do you think that means?
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Kids That Love to Read and Write

Little girl on a stack of booksThe ability to read, write, communicate your ideas, and to synthesize what you read into what you do is integral to how successful you will be. There is a direct correlation between your ability to read instructions and perform the tasks they specify… and your job performance. Continue reading

Dancing the “Teacher Tango”

Back to SchoolIn the business world, you quickly become aware of the influential people and managers in your department. I submit to you that it may help to think in these terms when meeting your children’s teachers through the years. Continue reading

Do You Know How to Buy College?

Management wastes resources if we are not continually training our workforce. Training keeps people interested, informed and vital to our operation. If we are not life-long learners, we are also wasting resources and the habit of continual learning begins at home. Keeping education as a focus in your family isn’t always easy, but the payoffs are long-lasting and well worth the effort. So let’s talk about investing in education…higher education, that is. Continue reading