Quest for Turkey Perfection

Thanksgiving Turkey TossOh, Thanksgiving.

You should be one of my favorite holidays with your legendary link back to my Mayflower ancestors, the opportunity to gather with family, all of my favorite fall colors, and what may be one of the greatest excuses to bag the diet for the day EVER!

But, sadly and inevitably, when it came to my production of a perfectly browned, succulent turkey for that important day, the answer came back from fate with a resounding “No.”

My fortunes changed a bit after I married my husband and discovered that he had a deft hand in the kitchen and was not only willing but interested in making the turkey for our Thanksgiving feast.  Yes, he IS the perfect man. Continue reading

Creating Your Family Corporate Culture

Management Parallel: Corporate Culture – what do you value? Do you communicate it? Do your employees know what you stand for?

Family ReunionFamily stories are the glue that holds your family together and creates your family corporate culture. Whether it is the small, nuclear family that you and your spouse have begun or the large and extended family you may have created when you married and merged two groups of relatives together, it is the stories that are told about these people which will form the picture and history that your children will take forward into the future.

Make them fun!

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