Stepping Into Life

Graduation DayOur younger daughter graduated from her dream university in May. She went through the stress of finals, elation of graduation and ultimately, disappointment when she did not immediately get into the accelerated graduate nursing programs she applied to.

That last item was tough for her. She had a picture in her mind of how things were going to roll out, and they just didn’t fall that way. She will never know precisely why, but my suspicion is that God had another plan for her. It was a bit slower and in some ways a bit more grueling, but it has given her the gift of time and experience.

She recently received the great news that she is accepted to the one of the top five nursing programs in the country, and she will begin in the spring semester of 2014. Meanwhile, she has had a few months  to work in the field she thinks she wants to pursue, to research and learn more about it from the very people who are doing it right now, and to become an even stronger candidate when the time came. She got a glimpse of how capable and organized she is, and how her work ethic is going to serve her well, both in school and beyond. Continue reading