Your Personal Mission Statement

Mission StatementManagement Parallel: Strategic Planning and Mission/Vision.

We enter this world without much direction that isn’t either instinctual (meeting our own needs) or given to us by other people. As teens or adults, we have the privilege of choosing our direction, and each year we progress toward independence, we have more power to choose.

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Martyr Messes in Parenting

Spiral Stair

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When I was in my early twenties, I had a personal epiphany. I credit this to Harriett, my incredible roommate at the time. She was a youth counselor and a wise friend to me and after living with her for a year or so, I made a decision based on that epiphany that would change my life forever.

I decided to help other people, whenever and however I could…as long as it did not make me feel like a martyr.

I had no idea at the time that I had just written my first personal mission statement. You see, I had observed the acidic nature of martyrdom in other people through my life. People who did something for someone else, but at such a personal cost that they either suffered in silence or more often, gave a big guilt package along with their service that crushed the recipient. I decided not to go there.

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