The “Year of YES!”

Woman Says Yes

(c) Can Stock Photo /studiostoks

I recently wrote a piece for a women’s collective giving circle blog. It was an interview with one of its many interesting and philanthropic women. You can see it at Impact Austin if you are curious. There was something she said that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go. She said that she had decided this past year was the “Year of YES!”

In her case, what she had decided to say yes to was travel. If an opportunity came her way, she took it and found herself with family and friends in places all over the world, having a blast!

What would your “Year of YES!” focus on? We all know we can’t possibly say yes to everything, but what if we decided for a year, or even just a month, to say yes to a certain neglected interest area in our lives?

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Parenting Pilots

Children teamIf we are wise in business, we rarely jump right out there with a new product or service which is radically different from what we are presently offering. Instead, we pilot it, measure its success and then decide whether to proceed with it.

The same wisdom can be applied to parenting.

To begin, what is a pilot? It is a program which does something new. It is of a defined duration. It has a goal or measure of success that it can be measured against. It is renewable or can be discontinued based on its success.

Here are some parenting areas where a “pilot” may serve you well:

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