Math Avoidance and Gender

Girl doing mathAn interesting study was done on gender and how it affects the way we talk with our children about math.

I suspect this effect is not limited to math. The study discovered that often when a girl brought home a good grade on a math assignment, parents were very likely to praise her “hard work and effort” in doing so well and say, “Good job!” Conversely, when a boy brought home that same good grade, they would praise his “natural or innate ability” or say, “You are really good at that!” Continue reading

COO of Your Family Corporation?

Wedding DayOn my wedding day, I asked my father-in-law, a highly respected salesman, motivational speaker and the most charming person I have ever known, how he and his wife had stayed so happily and romantically married for so many years. He considered and said he only had one piece of advice after all that time together, “Never call each other names. You can never take them back.”  Continue reading