Squid-Po-Po and Your Kids

GirlsWhen our daughters were little we introduced the concept of quid pro quo to them, explaining that it was a fun way of saying “give a little to get a little.”

We talked about it quite a bit and I was amazed at how early they understood that there is a balance inherent in all relationships and when we abuse it or take advantage of it, there are consequences we may not like. I don’t remember the particulars of the conversation, but Daughter 1 cracked us up one night, telling us a story about her day and saying very seriously, “You know Mommy, like squid-po-po!” We finally figured out what she was saying, and from that day on it has been a family catch phrase. Coincidentally, this is the child who is growing up to be a lawyer!

What does “squid-po-po” have to do with raising respectful children? How can we use it to help keep a good balance through the different stages from caregiving to parenting to mentoring? These were part of a conversation I had today with my friend and new parent, Hjalmar, and here are some concepts and strategies I shared with him.

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