Considering the Second Child

A friend asked me the other day if the memory of the pain of childbirth goes away. I was kind of surprised and asked why he wanted to know.

“We are thinking about a second child, and I wondered if women just forgot the pain or blocked it somehow to make it possible to go through that again,” he said. Continue reading

Siblings and Rivalry

SistersThe only management parallel I could think of for this post is the heinous practice that some managers have of pitting one employee against another for the “boss’ favor.” Yes, sibling rivalry is alive and well in corporate America, particularly where the hierarchy is very rigid and bureaucracy has layers that can only be navigated well with the help of someone higher up the food chain.
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A “Family Plan”

Children playingGood management is all about balancing the changing landscape in the business world, your stakeholder’s desires and needs, your available staff and their talents and resources.  You must have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C in your action folder at all times and update them regularly in order to be truly successful.  Continue reading